Every organization that has succeeded in creating a competitive advantage, and a growth track record, did so because of the creativity, innovations, commitment and energy if its people. Great organizations are best thought of as community of great people.

Great people only get to thrive and be their best in organizations in which purposeful leaders are creating the opportunities for meaningful work, in an atmosphere of autonomy, collaboration and open communication. 

The principals of Perret Roche Partners, along with many other leaders in organization transformation, have observed this in their years of working with diverse organizations around the world.



When people discover for themselves that their organization’s purpose and values can and do align with their own, we have the makings of a culture in which people are able to express themselves fully. Fully expressed people are more innovative, more resilient in responding to challenges, and more fun to work with. 

And, let’s not forget, the freedom to make autonomous decisions with colleagues who are open, collaborative, working together to forward a shared purpose and mission are the essentials of a great organization. 


We come into our own when we discover our contribution to others.


Creating new organizational models, and the practices and supporting structures that maintain them, is what leaders can count on Perret Roche Partners to help to create.