A Simple Idea… A Shared Purpose Matters

When we, individually and collectively, recognize why we do the work we do, when we are connected to the meaning our work, then a whole host of other possibilities emerge.

Perret Roche Partners is dedicated to the possibility that work…when the context is a purpose we are passionate about…is nurturing, invigorating and satisfying. Work is more than tasks to perform against some deadline to meet others’ expectations, so as to earn a living and provide for the needs of a family.

True, work can often be tiring, and frustrating…to say nothing about the constant juggling of competing personalities, interests, and priorities. For far too many the first thought that comes to mind in being part of an organization is not that it is nurturing, exciting and the reason we get up in the morning.

No, for most of us work simply provides us with an income to provide for the life we live outside of work.


We at Perret Roche Partners frequently ask people in organizations, “Who’d care if your organization disappeared? Who’d care if you simple packed up and closed the business?”

Most people immediately respond, “Well  we would for one, that would mean our jobs and income would go…so we’d care”

We usually press our first question, “Well apart from everyone inside the company who would loose jobs and incomes, who else would care?”

What follows is usually a realization that what they do day-by-day really matters, and in ways they mostly don’t fully appreciate, and therefore don’t fully express.

When the context for work is clear, when it is shared by everyone, when it is the source of meaning and direction…people flourish and the organization thrives as never before. 

Context matters!

Perret Roche Partners works with owners, senior executives and members of mostly privately owned mid-sized organizations to help them reframe all that they do so that it is an expression of their purpose, mission and values.